Essay Writing Stages: Define your target audience


First, you need define your target audience.

Here are some approaches in relation to the public

You sell a product:

  • To what audience will be focused your essay? Which writing style will appeal to them?
  • How would you change your choice of words, if your audience were children?
  • What are your readers? Visitors from abroad? Your parents?

If you report an event:

How would you describe the facts of a crime that you have experienced?

Exercise text for essay help ideas:

Use this exercise to identify your audience and your audience. If you are writing an essay, it is very important to think about who will read the writing. If you write for a doctor, you would strike a different tone than if you write to your friend, who has just graduated from high school.

Here are some questions that will help you in thinking about who your target audience so that you can write accordingly.

  • What is the age range shalt write for you?
  • Mature audience
  • Avoid modern slang / things that might confuse readers
  • Junior audience
  • Use less complicated words / concepts of
  • Communication is the key when writing.
  • When you have lost the one you lost everything.
  • What is their level of education?
  • Similar to the previous topic in age
  • Think about whether the audience is able to understand your words.
  • If not, change your writing, to make it clear.
  • Is it a professional audience? (Right or wrong)


Be more formal and avoid the first-person perspective and colloquialisms.


Anything goes, as long as the audience understands.

What is their socio-economic level?

  • Make sure that the audience can identify with what is written about you.
  • Consider their lives and the things that they regularly experience
  • Are there common interests with the audience?
  • Use common interests and refer to examples or personal stories connect to the audience.
  • If your writing is assessed, who controls it?
  • If there are several target groups, identify the primary and direct your letter from them.
  • Check the information to the audience.

Rules for Writing the Dissertation


The dissertation is among the first (larger) scientific texts you make at the beginning of his career. In fact, there are the same requirements that are imposed on other scientific publications. However, there are some special features, so may the Dissertation compared to journal articles have an almost epic proportion. In addition, it must be one of the last texts written during the career.

Thesis: You must provide mainly to prove that the doctoral student he posed independent scientific topic (albeit under the guidance) and he successfully has developed it. In this case, the following rules will help. A dissertation is written /like any document/ for those who will read it. That is, in plain language, your dissertation is written for the experts. A thesis must be tailored to the expectations of these experts.

From this basic rule to follow all the other rules:

The Plan: Scope and “skeleton”

Before you write the first sentence, you should have a clear idea of how detail and his successors may fail this.
Pages would be required. If you know this limit (say, 80 pages), then you can ever predict the length of the four chapters. More than half of the intended

Results form part (e.g. 50 pages), then comes the description of the method, the essential must be exactly and, depending on the complexity of the process maybe 10-15. Finally, the remaining balance for the initiation and Discussion split. After you now know about how long each chapter may be, you can tentatively begin setting up the division (sub-chapters). If you have, for example, 10 sites for the initiation, and they have 25 sub chapters, surely something is wrong. Remember that one in the dissertation writing (and each of its chapters) only need your “message”. So, let be clear about what is your message. Ask yourself critically, what is the new, which you share with your readers. The answer to this question can be difficult, but is essential for your entire thesis.

Dissertation Proposal: Financing the cost of proofreading and printing


The author or the author of a dissertation may participate in the distribution of the collecting society word. The distribution amounts per dissertation about 400 euro (average of the last 10 years).

Author representation VG-Wort

The VG-Wort is an incorporated association powerful ceremony, whose job is to collect money for the use of text, for which the claimant otherwise – for example through the payment of the purchase price of a book.

Payments to authors of a dissertation

The funds received will be reduced to minor administrative costs to the beneficiaries – those are usually authors and publishers who have signed with the VG-word into an administration agreement. The large number of authors and publishers who can exercise their rights through the VG-Wort, and the associated capital strength is the VG-word, is a formidable adversary, even for multinational corporations.

The manufacturers of so-called multi-function devices (copiers, scanners, printers and fax machines in a single unit) plus professional proofreading services recently have to feel the power of the VG-Wort. A long-standing dispute over the question of whether such devices are subject to duty was completed at the expense of the equipment manufacturers.

In the area of photocopiers and multifunction devices, the revenues of the VG-word over the previous year, therefore, grew by 46.61 million euros to more than 640% to 345.36 million euros, thus to approximately EUR 300 million. About this special effect could be happy scientific authors who were vested in the summer of 2010. Instead of the usual 400 euros, they received exceptional about 1,200 euros.

Eligible authors

Applicants must be a German within the meaning of the Basic Law or European Union citizens. Authors from other countries can apply for the bonus, however, only if they have their main place of residence in Germany. Even authors who publish their dissertation as a private print and proofreading are eligible, ie, you do not necessarily go the way of a commercial publisher to take advantage of the bonus. For pure online publications can be obtained from the VG-word a bonus.