Dissertation Proposal: Financing the cost of proofreading and printing

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The author or the author of a dissertation may participate in the distribution of the collecting society word. The distribution amounts per dissertation about 400 euro (average of the last 10 years).

Author representation VG-Wort

The VG-Wort is an incorporated association powerful ceremony, whose job is to collect money for the use of text, for which the claimant otherwise – for example through the payment of the purchase price of a book.

Payments to authors of a dissertation

The funds received will be reduced to minor administrative costs to the beneficiaries – those are usually authors and publishers who have signed with the VG-word into an administration agreement. The large number of authors and publishers who can exercise their rights through the VG-Wort, and the associated capital strength is the VG-word, is a formidable adversary, even for multinational corporations.

The manufacturers of so-called multi-function devices (copiers, scanners, printers and fax machines in a single unit) plus professional proofreading services recently have to feel the power of the VG-Wort. A long-standing dispute over the question of whether such devices are subject to duty was completed at the expense of the equipment manufacturers.

In the area of photocopiers and multifunction devices, the revenues of the VG-word over the previous year, therefore, grew by 46.61 million euros to more than 640% to 345.36 million euros, thus to approximately EUR 300 million. About this special effect could be happy scientific authors who were vested in the summer of 2010. Instead of the usual 400 euros, they received exceptional about 1,200 euros.

Eligible authors

Applicants must be a German within the meaning of the Basic Law or European Union citizens. Authors from other countries can apply for the bonus, however, only if they have their main place of residence in Germany. Even authors who publish their dissertation as a private print and proofreading are eligible, ie, you do not necessarily go the way of a commercial publisher to take advantage of the bonus. For pure online publications can be obtained from the VG-word a bonus.